X axis is "to high"

I have a big problem during assembly. The middle piece is correct assembled and in perfect 90degree angle. The upper axis , in my case the y axis lays perfect on the burlies on the frame. The lower one , in my case the x axis is in the air. It does not lay flat on the burlies and it moves up and down while moving the middle piece from one site to the other. I don’t know what I can do about.

Can you post a picture of what you are talking about? I am having a hard time visualizing the problem.


Take some pics of the Z assembly from different angles and then show where the X is high.

Ditto on the pictures. Sounds like you’ve put the center assembly 90 degrees out from where it should be?

Yeah sorry for that. I will add some pictures in the evening when I’m back from work. What do you mean with 90 degrees shifted?

For the X and the Y Axis, one of them sits above the other, and so two of the carriages on the outside assembly will be higher than the other two. I’m hoping this isn’t your issue, but you may have the center assembly rotates 90 degrees by accident.

Ah yeah sure I got that. The z assembly is oriented right. Im still having about 2 millimeters play. If I force the assembly together the frame will bend and that’s not so good. As I said I will send pics in the evening. The x axis floats above the mount.

I don’t know if it helps but you can see there is a gap between the carriage and the pipe. I can’t force it together because the frame will bend. Maybe it helps.

Have you tried attaching the motor mounts to see if it pops into place?

Hey Geoffrey,

Thanks for your answer. I tryed to put the motor mount on. The problem is, that the Z gantry bends and then the frame appears to be no longer symmetrical. After I do this I can’t move the axis all the way to it’s boundaries because it’s not straight. If I release the pressure and take away the motor mounts that’s it moves perfectly fine.

Do you have the right size printed parts to match your tubing?


What OD tubing are you using?

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Im using the F Version of the printed parts and the fitting 25mm stainless steel pipes.

Did you verify the diameter of the tubes?

Do you have the Spacer_Corner part between the pipes in the corner assemblies?

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This seems like the most likely possibility to me. It’s the blue part in this picture:


agreed on the corner spacer. Now that we know it’s off by a few millimeters, that’s looking the the most probable solution.

Thanks you very much for your effort, but the spacers are in place. I assembled the machine with the manual from to site. The spacers are there. I double checked the frame and its completely squared. I just got a few new parts for the zGantry but even with the new parts the problem exist.

If you are certain all the parts are from the same model just sand down the spacers. The blue ones in Jamie’s link. Wrap sand paper around a rail and sand them all real quick. A slight printing issue can very easily do that but it is also a 2 minute fix. Also the reason for the mirrored rollers).

Thank you i will try that and look if it works.