X Axis Motors stopped working

I had to do an emergency stop on a cut job that began messing up, after I reset everything, the X axis motors wont respond. They don’t even seem to be sending a charge to the board when I move them manually.

I’m using the mini rambo board included in the kit. Any ideas whats going on?

Cutting the power should not have done anything and the board can handle substantial back current. Have a good look at the wires maybe, fuses, plugs? swap the X and y steppers to see where the issue really is.

Sooo…My cables are wrapped in that black tubing. When I unwrapped the X axis cable to check it, turns out the connector got undone. Not one of my brightest moments hahaha. Sorry for the waste of time, thankful that it wasn’t anything serious.

But I’m glad you brought up how much the board can handle. Just out of curiosity, what are the three fuses mapped to on the board?