X carriage belt isn't printing right (X.stl, belt won't fit)

I have tried printing the X carriage at .2 height and 60 speed and I can’t get the belt to fit in the back. I printed Y_BLOCKV2.stl and it fit fine in there. I printed it a second time lowering the extrusion by 15% but it still wouldn’t fit. Is anyone else having problems with this? Should I try printing it at .1 height and slowing it down?


Yeah try like 30-40 and a layer height of like 0.26.

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Just to double check I should increase the layer height to .26? I trust you, I just don’t understand how a larger layer height is beneficial as opposed to a smaller one.

You are having an X Y issue not a Z. Printing a ton of tiny layers fast is not as accurate as printing a few layers at a normal speed. Those are just the settings I use and seem to work well for me. The layer height doesn’t matter as long as it handles the overhang but my parts typically are really generic in the Z direction. You are just having speed wobbles and they are probably as big as the teeth on the belt.

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Thanks, that makes sense about the wobbles. I have an anet a8 and I’m making the MP3DP since it is not a vary stable machine. I will slow it down.


also thanks for your explination.

I’m not like most I print everything slow, 35 is the usual for me.

Ok, so I reprinted it while I was at work today. I did it at 30 speed and .15 height since, it had pretty much all day to print. It still doesn’t fit. I held it up to the y part (Y_BLOCKV2.stl) and that gap is definitely bigger than the gap on the x carriage.

[attachment file=“beltholders.jpg”]

I know the pictures aren’t perfectly lined up, but I did double check with two different belts.

Should I try and modify the stl to give a little more clearance? I opened up the two files in meshlab and it looks like from the top of the teeth to other side Y block v2 is 1.05 while the distance in for the x carriage is .81. These are not the most accurate measurements though, but I assume the tolerances are 1 and .8 respectively.

[attachment file=“yv2.png”]
[attachment file=“xcarrage.png”]


Ok so finally print number 5 I got it. I went in mesh mixer and added some space for the belt but it still wouldn’t fit. So then I got the y block and cut out the teeth part and replaced the one on the x carriage. It’s a bit of a messy merge but it worked! I noticed the teeth are differently shaped between the two models.

[attachment file=55461]

Hmm, I will have to double check. I typically use the exact same reference for each of those toothed parts.

I’ve just been printing the MP3DP over the last couple of days on my anet a8 that’s on it’s last legs and have had the exact same issue. I’m intending to solve it with a knife rather than reprint, but kind of interesting - I wonder if it is the a8…

No, I am pretty sure the model spacing is different on that piece. If you look at remixes on thingiverse I have the part remixed with a wider opening.

Looking at the model, the spacing of the “teeth” on the v2 X.STL are a little shy of 2mm pitch.

However, the belt is not riding on the teeth, they are just there to keep the belt from slipping, so the disparity is not really all that critical.

To get my belt to fit, I hit the upper side with a heat gun for few seconds to softened it slightly. I pried the slot open a little with a screw driver and slid the belt in. Then I squeezed it together (by hand) until the plastic firmed back up. Worked great and custom fit. Now I can slide the belt in and out now if need be, but it fits nice and tight.