X + Dual Y Endstops + Z Probe - for Lowrider V2

I got my X, dual Y and Z probe stops working for the lowrider V2.

Don’t attempt unless you are comfortable modifying firmware files.

The result is, I can draw a 300mm square with my lowrider, turn it off, move the carriage, fire it back up and rehome, and draw a second square and it is entirely repeatable to the width of my pen I can’t see any difference at all. Also the square is completely square as far as I can measure.


Hey Greg,

what dit you change in the firmware.? I downloaded the dual endstop firmware but it is for the mpcnc- with 2 steppers per horizontal axes and 1 stepper on the z axe.

what schould I change for the lowrider with 2 Z-steppers.?
sry English is not my nativ language .

thx for help.

Hi Paul there is a link to a copy of the firmware I use in the description of my thing here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3504113

You don’t need the servo and z probe to run this firmware but you do need Rambo mini with dual Y end stops and an x endstop wired. If you need to home without a Z endstop you have to do it with G28 x y

All changes I made to the firmware are commented with the Initials FSIGAP




Ok so let me see if I follow this. You have a 1 limit switch for the x, 2 for they y, and a probe for the z? And you’re also saying your using the rambo mini? I just built mine, did my first cuts, and though i loved it, i’m woefully dissapointed i didn’t realize i couldn’t do the dual endstops with the rambo mini. Looking for an alternative.

That’s right… I have 1 for x, two for Y, and a probe for Z on the rambo mini. The wiring on the Y steppers is changed so they are wired separately to the board instead of together.

For leveling the Z axis I just disengage the stepper in the homing sequence and have the carriage drop down over a hole in the table so the endmill doesn’t run into anything.

If you really want dual control for both Z and Y separately you’ll need a different board. I didn’t really find a need for that though.