X not tight enough

Been a while since I spent time trying to finalize this printer. Finally figured out that bearings in the X assembly (X.STL) are not held tight enough. When I insert the bearings, they don’t easily slide in but aren’t so hard to insert that I need a tool, I can do it by hand. When I start printing, the amount of noise coming from the X carriage is really loud, which I pinpointed to the bearings being too loose, causing vibration. I initially printed x.stl with PLA, which was very stiff. I tried yesterday with a reprint in PETG, more flexible. Doesn’t make much of a difference. Any tips? I don’t see any easy way to use a plastic tie wrap to tighten the plastic around the bearings, and I’m not finding others having this issue on here so I’m wondering if it’s printing with the correct dimensions. I’m using an Original Prusa i3 MK3 to print these.

The extruder mount can pull them open if you have it tightened down too much, there should be a 5+mm gap top and bottom of the extruder strap.

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Ah! Makes total sense, thank you!