X/Y Jitter, Middle Assmbly Problems

They are 50 mm and I’m not running your firmware. They were produced through cambam and ran through mach3. Also ran some from estlcam just to make sure.

Again. Make sure you had arcs turned off when you generated the gcode . Can’t really help with other firmware other than the one I recommend.

How would I turn off arcs in estlcam.

Edit. Thanks found it and it was turned on. So I will retry.

Recut with arcs turned off. But same results.

Okay. A lot more information is needed.

What board, what firmware, What speeds are you cutting, what depth of cut, what rpm, what bit, what material.

Using mach3 with a parallel breakout board and haoyu tb6600 stepper drivers. Cutting at 1200 mm/min. 0.6 mm per pass. Makita rt0701c running at 30,000. 3/16 endmill 4 flute. Cutting in hard plastic.

It could easily be a firmware/acceleration thing on how your board handles tiny changes in direction. Marlin has look ahead, not all boards do and need the software to do it for them, I don’t know what yours needs.

A 4 flute bit is not a good choice for that high of rpm.

How long is your zaxis? more than 3"? that could be your problem. How large is your machine? too large could also be the problem.

At this point I can’t really help you it could be many thing. I would say list as much detail as you can, including answering the questions in the troubleshooting sticky so maybe someone else using similar hardware can help you.

Pictures go a long way. You don’t really give much information to go on so full pictures of your machine, pictures of your bit, screen shots of your settings. You need to post it all. Most people here are using the recommended hardware, making it very easy for me to diagnose things with little information. You need to flood the info here so someone might spot the issue.

I can upload and give as much information as possible able my software and driver and the machine. I answered all the troubleshooting quesions at the beginning of this thread. But I do not believe that this is related to the electronics. I have cut these same circles on this same machine without this issue. I had Jitter problem so you recommended resquaring the middle and tighten the rollers. That is all that has changed for these results to change. My thoughts were that maybe there is still a problem with the middle assembly or too much belt tension on one axis causing missed steps. Thanks for all the help.

I have a 5’x5′ build, 48″ x 48″ cutting envelope with rail supports. I am using all the updated 525 parts, printed by me. Running with mach3 r1.83.027 using breakout board and haoyu tb6600 drivers and 42BYGHW811 steppers 67oz-in (2.5a per phase at 3.1v). I’m running them at 1.14a in parallel with 13.8v supply. Some pictures attached to describe other information.

Your machine is extremely tall for such a heavy router and large build volume you benefit greatly from reducing it by at least half. More accurate and faster cuts.

Your acceleration looks really high ours is set at 400mm/s/s yours is almost 700.

You are running your steppers at 1/4th power? Either wire them in series or turn them up. (we run ours at 50% power put have larger steppers. I also have series harnesses coming so running them at 90% long term is possible).

I don’t have the 6600 drivers but I run TB6560 at full power (3 amps) for the X and Y axis. Only the Z is set lower. I’ve run these drivers with both Marlin/Ramps and Mach3 motion controller boards. You said that you’ve used the same electronics before without issues but were you running 2 motors off each driver then too? If not then you definitely need to take that into consideration. I can run my X and Y axis for hours at a time and motors barely get warm with TB6560 drivers set at 3amps.

Like Vicious said, this probably isn’t then best place to ask for help with non-standard drivers, firmware, and board too. I agree that the heavy router, huge build area, and elevated platform is a worst-case scenario. Hope you figure it out.

Okay I can reduce the z height, that not a problem. But I have dw660 and the makita and there is only 2 oz weight difference. Also my steppers are capable of 4.5a so I can easy turn them up or run in series. What are the benefits in running series over parallel or vice versa.

Also I just scrap my parallel breakout board setup and am now running your updated marlin with LCD through repitier, but all the stepper drivers are working as I tried on each axis, but the z axis is not sending anything to the stepper? Followed your repitier setup. The z movement through repitier or LCD doesn’t work.

The makita is larger in that it pushes the bit out further from the center of the gantry increasing the lever arm making it a less accurate tool do to flex.

Series keeps the amperage the same, parallel splits it. It can get very technical lots of info about that out there if you need more.

Not sure about the z axis issue, try switching the drivers to see where your issue is. (while it is powered off).

Have switched all the drivers and they all worked on x/y . J ust took the ramps off my 3D printer and it worked on there with my printers marlin. So I must have a issue with the firmware or the repitier settings. Running your rc7 marlin. Most up to date version of repitier. Any thoughts?

Okay. Went over the wiring and metered it out there was a manufacture splice in the copper inside the sheathing and it failed. So all is well with the electronics.

I’m used to using repitier with my printer that has endstops. I don’t have endstops on my mpcnc as of right now, so how would you go about tell the axis that it is home(x0,y0,z0), to begin the cut?

Thanks for all the patience and help.

Re-programmed the 50mm circle with estlcam with no arcs through marlin. Lowered speed I raise the z to less than a inch using scrap wood. Exact same result. The machine is square and squared before each cut. Do anyone have a good tool path or dxf file they run to help calibrate or troubleshoot.

Too late here for me to test one, but let me have a look at your gcode. Zip it and upload it here or you can use dropbox or something.

This code was generated through estlcam via marlin.

50mm-Circle-No-Arcs.zip (51.1 KB)

Just ran a coaster from dxf from solidworks. Toolpaths from estlcam. Setting are marlin as .g file with arc off, i/j off. 2 flute endmill with router between 3 and 4. 0.8 doc at 10mm/s. Still the same results. Flats on the top and bottom again. Marlin is your version rc7, only change made to to the speed, and steps changed 1/16. Will include a video, photos and code. Thanks.

Coaster Code

Coaster.zip (342 KB)