x y orentation

ok so if I’m standing in front of my machine, the X axis move left to right and the Y axis moves front to back? because if so I have something backwards. I have my x and y plugged in the board where it says x and y. I could always flip the cables but would it run a program right? also minus is towards you or away from you? here is a video clip of me moving the X axis. shouldnt that be my Y axis?



Well there are a few way to approach this. If you spin the whole machine 90 degrees clockwise That is how I use mine, at that point your X axis is just moving backwards and needs the plug flipped.

If you wan to use it the way you have it you need to switch your X and Y axis plugs on the board.

Either way a 20 second fix.

ok, that’s what I thought. I was just curious if a ran a CNC file and it would go screwy? Very happy I’ve got this far with no real problems so far. Looks like I’m going to have to cut my t8 rod as it is too long and will hit the bed if lowered too much.

So no if the cutter is moving towards you is that minus or plus? what about left and right, which is minus and plus?


Here you go.


actually, I need to lay off the beer I guess! LOL only had one! Ok so my x and y are fine I thought they were switched on the board but I was wrong. After looking at the software page you sent me to all I had to do was flip the x-axis to get it going in the right direction. I haven’t really spent a whole lot of time going over the software because I don’t have a windows machine. I have a new windows laptop coming tomorrow, then I’ll mess with estlcam and repetier. Probably just use estlcam and an sd card to run the machine. I like tinkercad so I’m going to see if I can use tinkercad and estlcam to cut out what I want.