X2 Y2 Not working

I am trying to get the ramps 1.4 to work with the MPCNC but having some issues.

The X2 and Y2 or as labeled on the ramps board E0/E1 slots are not working for the machine. I am using the Ramps_Dual Firmware downloaded from the V1 engineering site. I have confirmed the motors are good by swapping them to the X1 and Y1 slots. I have also tried switching out the stepper drivers, with no change. I have also tried another ramps bored and still didnt change any thing.

I know the ramps 1.4 board quite well, I’ve bee using it for years on older home built 3D printers. So I have tested that every thing works except for the way its supposed.

I am using the newest version of the arduino IDE to do the flashing and it is successful each time, with no errors.

Please help! Not sure what I’m missing here!

I apologize! every thing is working correctly!

I went and retested every thing after making this post cause I didnt want to waste any ones time. I guess after the first time I was retesting the stepper drivers, I must have pulled them all off and ironically placed them all back in the same locations, at least the 2 bad ones being on X2 and Y2. After removing just them two and replacing it with 2 new ones every thing worked correctly.


Whew! I am not sure how many people use the ramps dual and I was worried I messed up something in the config. Thanks for reporting that it works.

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I was using the RAMPS_Dual firmware on my MKS Gen L v1.0, which worked fine (Except that a couple of pullup resistors were toasty.)


I’ve been using it for years and it works great!


the Ramps 1.4 has been a really reliable board for me over the past 7 years I’ve been using them.they have 5 stepper spots and you can add more using the aux spots on the ramps board to extend to more stepper drivers/motors with another small stepper board and cable.

They are cheap and pack a lot of bang for the buck and using the aurdino ide to change the settings is a breeze but I started off learning using this method.

this will be the first CNC machine ive used and built but I have no doubts with using the ramps board that it will get the jobs done reliably.

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