Xbox 360 Power Supply

I’m looking to resources I already have in this case that means an Xbox 360 Grey brick power supply. I can see on it it says it can handle an input of 100-127v which I don;t think is an issue since I’m from the US. But is the 5 A going to be enough top run the cnc or am I going to need a more powerful power supply. In which case, suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

5A is enough as long as you are not running a heated bed.

Right now I’ only looking to use this to be a cnc router.

How any amps do I need for a 3d printer with heated bed and some other things?

Depends on the size of the heater bed. The small one we use on the MP3DP (~200x200mm) calls for 11A. I have a large one on order (300x380mm) that requires 50A.