XY_Burly too tight

Well hello then,

I’m currently mid build, prints almost finished, and so far, it looks really good. The rollers are a bit on the tight end but okay for me, the XY_Burly however is really tight, to the point you really need some force to move it around, wich is not the case when looking at others?

can you adjust the “grip” of the bearings on the tube?

Can i just drill out one of the holes a bit bigger to give it some more tolerance? the problem might be, that the printed holes were a “screw in” fit, maybe 7.9-7.95 mm instead of the 8mm required.


has anyone made some expiriences using a reamer on pla? twist drills tend to snag when only drilling a little bit, a reamer would take care of that and possibly leave a better finish for the screw to sit in.


thanks for helping!

Print a calibration cube, sounds like you’re printing small.

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Could also be over extruding.


prints are on size, the 30mm cube i printed before the mpcnc parts was between 29.99 and 30.03mm wich i’m certain its within the tolerances you can expect from fdm printing on a budget machine