Y axis binding on one side!

Why am I binding on one side of my lowrider 3? in certain spots the Y axis will bind I’ve tried adjusting the belt holders, tension and the conduit pipe that the rollers sit on!

50 shades of V1… Hmmm…

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Is it on the rail roller side? If you look, see if it is on the rail holders. I had some lock ups there when my Y plates were not adequately squared and the bearings were not riding on the correct locations on the rail. See if the “toe” of the Y plate is pushed upwards. If you press down on the Y plate, does it click against the rail?

yes its on the rail roller side? can you show me what your talking about through a pic?

I don’t know that a still picture would help, and it’s hard to show the problem, since mine doesn’t do it anymore.

Basically, the problem is when the machine isn’t sitting on all 4 bearings on the roller side. This is probably because the Y plates aren’t perpendicular to the gantry, or the gantry isn’t square. It needs to be quite a bit off before this happens. In my case it was because the surface where the XZ printed part mated to the linear rails wasn’t as good as it should have been, and the parts weren’t keeping the YZ plate square. I was able to mostly fix it by first ensuring that the gantry braces were square and that there was no “stick out” of the rails past the braces, and second by adjusting the screw tension for the screws into the rails so that it was all evenly torqued.

In any case, when this happens, it is probably the side towards the Y endstops, the “toe” as it were, that will lift slightly. The resulting angle will allow the rear bearing holder to make contact with the Y rail blocks as it goes past, which will result in binding or clunking as it goes past.

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