Y axis dosen't go straight

my LR2 can’t go straight on the y-axis.

In case of load, the gap with the table will be tilted to one side.
no-load conditions, it goes straight.
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Another problem is that the belt touches the pipe.
[attachment file="tube belt.jpg"]
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I ran into the same thing with the belt rubbing and made some clips to offset the belt:

You might also want to check if each wheel is parallel to the other wheel on the same side. There is a brace I made above to adjust them parallel since the plate seems to flex under load. I eventually also had to route a groove for the wheels to run in so the carriage doesn’t migrate over to one side of the table.

I am not understanding how or why your belts are rubbing? Using my belt holders? Can you get some pictures of them and maybe the Y stepper assembly.

I already use your clips.

but using a clip, the belt will look like a ‘W’




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This is the only picture I have right now.

I'll upload other pictures tomorrow.

In regard to the belts touching the z tubes: An obvious question is are you positive the sides are straight and without any bow? And are both sides parallel to each other?

I used a steel ruler to check if there was any bowing, but I couldn't find any bow
And it was parallel (within 0.5mm).
But the wheels weren't quite parallel.
(Maybe it's because there is no wheel spacer.)

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I took a picture.

What sized idlers did you use?

Are the M5 nuts hitting the top, flip them over if they are.

I use 20t idlers(diameter is 12.3 mm.) and M5 nut doesn’t hit the top.