Y axis limited to 650mm?

Hi everyone! Long-time lurker here, been wanting to do a ZenXY build for a year or two and finally got it going. Just the bare bones right now with a temporary framework to keep it together, but I’m looking forward to showing everyone the finished product.

I went big and my work area is 600mm x 1200mm. Everything has been going smoothly until tonight when I got everything wired up and tested a design. It seems like the Y axis is being clipped at 650mm. Is this a limitation of the firmware I wasn’t aware of?

Using a MiniRambo running the beta firmware I downloaded today.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Caleb, there are soft endstops in the Marlin firmware. IIRC, Ryan turns them off in the normal builds and on in the dual endstop builds.

How are you testing it? Are you just sending G1 Y660? Or are you jogging via LCD?

Glad to hear it isn’t a hardware limitation. For a second there I thought I’d have to buy a new board!

I tested by jogging and by sending a basic design from Sandify that I made. The design was clipped at Y650 (flattening the far end of the design), but worked fine otherwise.

Would it work for me to just flash a different firmware from a Cnc build? Or do you think the soft endstops can be removed by a programming novice like me?


You don’t have to be a software engineer to configure Marlin. If you’ve already flashed it, you’re more than halfway there. There are a bunch of options in configuration.h and configuration_adv.h.

Now that I think about it, what makes the most sense is to just change your bed size and leave the soft endstops enabled. If you search for size in the configuration file, you should find it pretty quickly.

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Brilliant. Found the relevant spots to change in the config files - will load that in tomorrow.

Thank you!

Great. Let us know how it goes. I want to see this huge machine.