Y-axis moves unevenly

I posted about this topic last week and I thought my problems were over. I was wrong.

I have done some cuts with my new machine, but it seems that intermittently my Y-axis stepper motors just decide to start moving at different rates. This does not happen in the middle of a GCode file run, but it does happen sometimes when I boot up my board. When inputting 10mm moves it seems that my right y-motor is moving way too much. Here is a video:


I don’t understand the source of the problem, yes, but what is more puzzling is why sometimes this functions fine and other times it does not. The fact that it operates fine sometimes tells me it’s not a wiring issues. Previously I had switched the slots of the stepper drivers and I have checked and double checked all VRef pots. Here is my previous post in case it is of any use:

I would really like to figure this out so I can actually use my machine. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

If the firmware configuration is correct then what’s left is hardware. I’d look for an intermittent wiring issue based on movement.

How large of a move are you commanding there? Is the slower or faster motor moving the correct amount?

If the problematic motor is moving 2x or 4x the commanded distance then check the jumpers under the drivers and make sure they are making proper contact. If one of the jumpers is intermittently going open circuit it will change the driver’s microstepping behavior.

Yes! I believe it was a jumper that was in place but not making contact. Hopefully this can save someone some headache in the future. At least I don’t have to replace any parts. Thanks!

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