Y axis steppers vibrating

I recently assembled a Rambo Series Parts kit and successfully completed the first cut. Today my y axis steppers are vibrating. Is the driver shot or is it a loose wire? How do I troubleshoot this?

ok, I plugged my x axis motors into the y axis on the rambo board and they still work so that rules out the Rambo board.

so now it is either the series wires that were supplied with the kit or a stepper motor at fault.

Check the connections, and make sure you tape them.

Yup, it turned out that the series connector inside the conduit had one pin pushed out which had enough connectivity to pass the test when I first wrapped it in gorilla tape. Of course to get to it I had to thread the cable chain, undo the gorilla tape holding all the connectors together until I got to that last most deeply buried connection. Then put it all back together.

If this is not a lesson for soldering and shrink-wrapping I don’t know what is.

I suppose if the motor leads were short and the wiring harness was longer, then all the connections could be made outside the conduit and the system would be easier to troubleshoot.

In any case its all working now!