Y axis stopped moving

I was running the MPCNC for a couple of hours today and stopped for lunch. When I went back to work the Y axis Stopped moving. It buzzes and jerks but it doesn’t move.

  1. Unplugged the steppers form the controller board and X and Y moves freely.
  2. Swapped X and Y, and X will move correctly when plugged into Y on the controller board. So the controller is good.
Moving freely with servos unplugged


Not moving and jerking and buzzing.


So this happen after power down from a good cut. Aka the Happy Halloween post.

Bad servo, wiring, any ideas?


Yep, one of the wires came loose.


Ugh… thought that might be it. They’re so tidy… time to rip em up.

Usually it’s the extension connection in the middle. That’s one of the reasons I redid all mine to use cat-5 patch cables.

Bad Molex crimp. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Back in business.