y axis ???

I’m not new to this but still working on Arduino uno with estlcam… I have all axis set up but since I’m running dual y I tried jumping from one driver to the next y axis only .but one was faster then other. so I went to the cnc shield v3 so I can clone the one y axis… what the best way to do it with the uno board and estlcam? it not a small cnc … reason I ask is I want the touch plate… thanks in advance

wire the dual stepper axis is series. use 1 driver.

cant do it that way to much power cant share the amp/volts need to be there own…is there a way to add touch plate to the cnc shield board grbl?

Are you positive? What drivers and steppers are you using? That shield isn’t really very different from the ramps.

A touch plate can be as simple as a wire clamped on to your bit and the other wire on some aluminum foil, or as complicated as a button. It doesn’t have to be a software thing at all.

I’m using 1700 oz nema 34 with m860 fan cooled drivers it runs really good but need my touch plate

On an MPCNC? Don’t those weight at least 10lbs each?

almost 20lbs … I started with the mpcnc and trying to get more ppl I know involved but I needed something with 1000X the power with out spending over 12k

can I use the lower z axis as the plate? when using estlcam theres a pin out for it…but on the cnc shield thes none

You could but what is the point, A touch plate sets the bit height relative to your work surface. the z plate has nothing to do with either one.

I’m not understanding the giant steppers, the power is irrelevant if you got anywhere near that on any point the frame would rip apart? With the 76oz/in 17’s in series I think I can rip the frame apart. Like trying to hold a jet engine while on rollerskates?

ok were way off topic here my main question what pins to use on the cnc shield for probe ?

I have no idea.

On the ramps you just use the z endstop pins, I can only assume that shield has endstop pins. I don’t have one soldered together so I’m not positive.

I think that’s what I was looking for thank you


Lol. Rocket on roller skates;)


pics of???

Pics of your build, especially anything not standard. :slight_smile:

here ya go if you want any info please ask and all this was from a mpcnc went bigger and bigger till this one …going even bigger on the next build

Nice build! When I read your post earlier I assumed you had Nema34s on an MPCNC. Did you build from scratch or from a kit?

both I made a lot of parts form a mpcnc 1/2" aluminum