YAAB (Yet another Aussie build)

Several years ago I purchased a chinese 3018 “engraver”. Build quality was terrible, I spent more time fixing it than using it. Now the motor clamp has broken due to very poor 3D printed part. As mine is a clone, even the X axis rails are not spaced as per the original open source standard.
My choice was either spend $100 to but a new Z axis setup, or…
I am in the process of printing the core, it should be finished tonight. I already have a Ramps 1.4 board and display, a Ryobi trim router and several 3D printers.
My out of pocket will be the motors, hardware, belts and bearings. I will have a better quality machine for about the same money.

It will be a slow build, as money allows. For now, print, print, print.
Thanks for having me aboard.


Welcome, always good to see another Aussie around.

Good to see another Aussie tackling this. I’ll be keen to watch along.

We could have a convention! :smiley:

I started trial assembly of what parts I have, I found 1/2 a tube of 6082RS that was left over from previous projects, I grabbed a 4 pack of M8x40 bolts and lock nuts from Bunnings, just as a trial, I will bulk buy the rest. I fitted the M8 bolts into all the holes as a test, I had no problems with the holes that had a shoulder on one side, I think they are for the cross braces, but the 4 holes for the embedded bearings for the Z axis, I had to put the 8mm drill bit through them to get the bolt to fit. Is this a common thing, or do I have dimensional accuracy issues? I printed the advanced test piece, the 140 and 150mm pieces checked out to 0.4mm and the 8mm drill was a snug fit (but the shank went in) in the test holes. Same story with the M5 holes.
Should I worry?

After watching Eli Works’ video on core assembly (https://youtu.be/PABOe8LUJkU) I am relieved to find out that I am not alone. His 4 trapped bearings needed to be persuaded to “drop” into where they needed to be, and he had the same issue with those bolt holes.
Well that is a relief.
Just keep printing.
Here is the result so far.


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