YACQ or Yet Another Conduit Question

My local HD and Lowe’s have something called “Wheatland” EMT. It’s the right size, but it has a touch of texture. It looks like particle board. I should have nabbed a picture.

Should I keep looking? There are electrician supply stores around here. Are there recommendations somewhere that I’m missing?

On a slightly different note, I thought I remember someone having a support halfway down the tube, but I can’t find the thing. It was like a foot, but it supported the conduit. Anyone have a link? Thanks

That texture is usually just the zinc galvanizing. It wears right off after a little use. If it is super rough you can keep looking not all of it has it and sometimes it just varies by the batch.

The foot is on thingiverse Either search my like or “mpcnc” Let me know if you can’t find it.

I went ahead and bought the wheatland stuff. I’ll let you know if I have problems, but even just rubbing the parts over it a dozen times or so, I can see the surface changing a lot.

I think this is the part:

I found all the other parts by looking through the 120+ remixes of the MPCNC page, but this wasn’t a remix, so that’s why I never collected it.

120+ remixes!!! I love it.

I always intended on making my own support but never needed one, even on that 4 head printer so I never found the time, maybe in the next round of parts.