“Yet Another Mostly Printed CNC”

Finally moved my MPCNC into the garage and off the dining room table at the wife’s urging (that and my DW660 came in). Thanks Ryan for the great design!!!

This is the MPCNC 525 “C” which uses the 23.5mm OD electrical conduit, easily sourced from Home Depot/Lowes in the States. The cutting area is 24"x36"x4". You can plug these numbers into the MPCNC calculator for the cut lengths. I used a small pipe cutter and debur tool ($7) to cut all the pipe to length, looking back I would have bought a metal blade for my chop saw. While the pipe cutter was accurate and did a great job, my hand was about to fall off half way through the cuts.

Other then the controller shell (black PLA), everything was printed in ABS on a FFCP 2016. All the parts I sourced from v1engineering.com and endmills from drillman1.

My advice for anyone on the fence about building one - BUILD IT!!! Between Ryan’s directions and the forums every question you could possibly have has been answered once, if not twice. Another tip (and I’m just as guilty) read through the MPCNC forums, not once, but twice…there is boat loads of great information buried in there.

Now if I could just get my text overlay issue working, it would snow dust.


More pics

Next steps are to clean up the wiring, screw down the corners, rig some sort of spoil board.


Congratulations! MPCNC is an amazing machine.Have fun with it.

I like the colors you chose and I’m pretty impressed by the quality of your prints, they look almost perfect on the pictures.

Nice built!

I like that case for your lcd. Did you design it ?

I like that case for your lcd. Did you design it ?

P3DCNC - I did not but here is a link:

MPCNC control box with keystone ethernet connections


Got it thx. What I was looking for… :slight_smile: I can get the Keystone jacks locally at Active Components, yeah.

I would like to add 1" to my Z (currently my legs are only 3.5" long. I’m planning on trying your pipe cutter idea.