Yet another 65mm mount w/ accessories

I upgraded my Primo J with a watercooled 65mm spindle recently, and decided to have a go at making an “improved mount & vacuum” for it. Here it is:

…and some laser/drag knife adapters I made to go with it:

I did another version of the mount that is extended further up on the spindle, but after trying the normal height version out I didn’t think it was needed. I drew this from scratch using official Z pipe OC dimensions, to make a 1-pc design and beef up the critical areas as much as possible. Since there’s extra mean near the z tubes, it’s a bit tighter getting a wrench in on things (still manageable, but some of you may need a thinner wrench for it?).

On the vac attachment, I was shooting for a more aero optimized design, but I’m only fluent enough with F360 lofts to make it ugly. It does have a constant cross section from shoe to hose though (slightly tapers down as it goes up actually). You can also clearly see the bit looking down the “barrel”. This helps reduce pressure drops, and is less likely to clog with long splinters etc. It works great with my low pressure high volume dust collector. The flex tube doesn’t move as you add/remove the attachment to the hose (ie, almost no pressure drop from it). The angled brush was an afterthought, lol… after I printed 2 revisions I added it. The angle does increase footprint, but it makes the brush push back a lot less while cutting.