Yet another build size topic...

I need a little bit bigger CNC, something that could handle a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of plywood or whatever, so the size would probably be 3 feet by 5 feet. making it larger than the MPCNC max build size I believe. I was looking at the lowrider and was just about ready to pull the trigger, but I really like the openness of the MPCNC. And the wheels riding on the edge of the table will complicate the noise enclosure I would have to build. I plan to build it with Low/No legs and supports specifically for CNC only, using my current MPCNC for primarily laser work. What’s the opinion here on the forum? Would be destined to fail? I think I’ve seen someone mention a resolution difference between the MPCNC and the lowrider – what’s that all about? I’m having tough time deciding. on which way to go. I’m sure there’s dozens of questions like this in the forums. Now I’m kind of talking myself back into a lowrider, What do you all think? And thanks to all who have been watching my videos !


Exact same parts, exact same resolution. The LowRider CNC should just be a bit faster. It can do all the same things most of us just haven’t needed to make different mounts for it since we have MPCNC’s as well.


As for the noise isolation… Hmmm. Insulate the room it’s in? A 3x5’ box is pretty dang big.