Yet another printer

You would think 2 of these would be enough, but they are running so well that I don’t want to mess with them. And I needed one for experimenting :smiley:
So another Ultimaker, this time customized a bit. (If anyone wants the updated drawings pm me, might put it on Thingiverse later)

Used mdf for the sides this time, seems to work great.

Always feels good when you push everything together and it just fits.

[attachment file=38098]

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I think you should add a few more parts…

BTW, that looks like plywood, not MDF.

Looks very sharp though. Did you carve those pieces on an MPCNC?

Only the sides are mdf.
Cut on mpcnc, the plywood with a 2 mm bit (which after the first failed cut turned out to be 1.85mm, damn chinese…)
Used a 1/8" inch for the mdf.

I added some more parts :smiley:

[attachment file=38105]