Yet another table build

Hi from Sweden :smiley:

I’m in the middle of planning the LR2 table and would like your opinions.

Should have:

  • A surface on top to be used as a regular workbench if needed
  • At-least-some soundproofing (45mm rockwool here and there)
  • Not be too big (hence the "at-least-some" soundproofing)
  • Storage area below
  • Some nice see-through-window
  • 22mm MDF as main material
Any comments about the build is appreciated :D

Basic shapes:
[attachment file=“Skärmavbild 2019-09-10 kl. 09.11.12.jpg”]
[attachment file=“Skärmavbild 2019-09-10 kl. 09.12.19.jpg”]

CNC table dimensions:
[attachment file=“Skärmavbild 2019-09-10 kl. 09.14.55.jpg”]

The valley-of-the-lowrider-stuff:
[attachment file=“Skärmavbild 2019-09-10 kl. 09.18.48.jpg”]


/ Oskar


Looks absolutely great ! I suppose you also plan to add some soundproofing under the table, right ?

(I hope you plan to add some vacuum system ?)

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Thank you!!

Yes, there will be soundproofing under the table too! :slight_smile: And yes, vacuum will be installed. Later project tho.

I plan to have the table separated from the main structure. Or at least not fastened to it. On this picture I show how it will rest on some rubber feet rather than being screwed into the structure. This is to reduce vibration/noise.

[attachment file=“Skärmavbild 2019-09-10 kl. 11.31.13.jpg”]

I would make sure to build the LR first and probably also add the vac. The dimensions of that sketchup may not be exact and the vac adds some vertical height to the build. It would be a bummer to be 20mm short in one direction.

The vac is also going to be loud.

Yes indeed :slight_smile: but now I at least have a small clue on how to do it.

The first part to build for this table will probably just be the floating table part on the last pictures.

How much would a regular vacuum hose build in height over the top of the router?

Well, Ryan’s puctures show the hose coming off the gantry straight up, making a loop and then laying aling the aluminum angle. Mine does that and I just measured it at about 20cm (above the top of the router) at the highest spot, when most of the slack is taken in that loop. There may be more creative ways to do it, but you want to minimize the amount the hose pulls on the gantry.

Okey, I understand the concerns about the height. I will have that in thought! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m worried about the table size right now… The cnc part of the table is 150x80cm which give me a useable cut size of approx 60x110. For overall room size sake I’m thinking about changing that cut area to 50x110 to make the table 10cm less deep.

Will I regret that? 50cm feels small… 60cm isn’t that much bigger, but it still quite a drop in size.

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I really like this concept - if my mind wasn’t so fixed on a different approach and “reinventing the wheel” I’d copy it!

I can’t make up my mind whether isolating the table surface is a good idea, or whether it’s better to keep it all rigid and isolate it at the feet.

My printer sits happily on a VERY rigid Lack table, which of course is very light as well, but rubber casters do a fair job of damping overall noise transmission.