Yet Another Texas Build

Yes they are wired in series. I used the kit from Ryan here on the website. It was all plug and play. Made things really easy.

The drawings look great, they are a pretty good indication of how things will progress. Can’t wait to see whats next.

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Decided to go back and do the logo again with the pen and make it bigger. There is a very tiny mismatch in a couple places where the lines comes together but overall it seems to be performing very nicely. Well done on the design and implementation Ryan. This thing is going to be a lot of fun. I just need to come up with some neat stuff to make with it.

A little pocket practice using the sharpie since the table still isn’t built. Plan to make a shopping list for the hardware store tomorrow so I can get this table knocked out. Also have Geodaves LCD Mini Rambo enclosure working on the printer right now. Hope to have that finished and together tomorrow.

Finally found a day to get over to the folks place to work on the table in the shop. Unfortunately it decided to rain all morning so I couldn’t tranport the cnc in the back of the truck. But the table is ready to mount the machine. Will still be a few mods to the table to come once the cnc is in place and I start wire management. I need to get some wire extensions for the X and Z axis so the LCD can be mounted at the front of the table. And then will need to fix up something to hang the Z cable and router power cable over the table to keep them out of the way. May be a couple of weeks before I get to work on it again cause its deer season and well…priorities.

Here is a quick shot of the table and the underside of the top. Overkill for such a small table but it should be good to go once the cnc is mounted and its surfaced.


Have I mentioned before that I thin it would be awesome to install an MPCNC in the back of an old van or truck, and bring it to makerfaires and schools and stuff?

That would be pretty cool Jeff. You could have it in the back of a truck with a camper shell and have the mpcnc mounted on a roll out table. So just pull up drop the tailgate, roll out the cnc, and go. Would be pretty awesome.

Plus, I don’t have an HOA, and I have an extra parking spot covered with gravel. Buying a crappy pickup and parking it there might be easier than negotiating with the wife for her garage space.

This would make an excellent router for your travelling road show.

Spitfire look great, in how many section is the fuselage? Where did you down loaded the file? Moe

Thanks Moe. The fuselage is 6 sections. You can see them clearly in the photo. They are just stacked together in the photo. I have all the pieces printed now they just need to be glued together. I need to buy all the other misc. pieces as well. The file for the Spitfire came with the software and files for the Prusa i3 MK2S. The plane comes from They have a nice selection of printable RC planes. You just buy and download the STL files and print away.

Thanks Johnny for your reply, I’m a nutty RC Builder ( as per wife ) building all type of Planes, Jets, Quads, Helicopters, but now have to get me one off those 3D Printer to build a series of Plastic RC Models. Just finish building a MPCNC kit and so far have just did some pictures plotting, did plot a F 15 Jet bottom plate that came out very good. Now planning to add a drag knife or Needle cutter to cut it in foam board. Not quit there yet, want to modify the four corners assembly so to be able to change CNC size in seconds. After it all done and working I will show the setup in this Forum. After that done I will look at RC 3D Printing. Moe

It’s finally dirty! Got the CNC moved over to the shop and did a couple test cuts in some foam. Might try to go back at some point this weekend to cut some wood. Need to setup some gcode before I go. Also need to start planning how to mount the electronics. Think I am going to need some wire to extend the motors and possibly the LCD. Just need to figure out how best to do it for my setup. Ready to make some stuff. Now just have to come up with the stuff to make.


That looks great. The bottom of your pockets are nice and smooth, that’s a good sign things are square and stable. Time for some coasters!

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Looks great! Don’t extend the LCD too far, issues usually start when the ribbon cables get longer than 2’.

Yeah I remember people having problems with that. I will need to extend the steppers anyway. Plan to order your LCD extension and some wire for the steppers. Then Ill figure out the best way to go about it from there. Will keep the LCD extensions under 2’ for sure.

Got some quality time in on the CNC Wednesday night and today after Thanksgiving lunch. I have to say I am pretty impressed with this machine. I gave a quick try at a tool change but I need to read up on it more. I know there is a code missing in Estlcam or something. It shows a tool change but the program doesnt stop to let you change the tool. I know its something I am doing wrong and thats OK. When I get a minute I will look more into it.

I played with the carve function and my 1/4" 60* V bit. I will say the DW660 is a beast for its size. I made a small sign for my folks. Started in foam to test it out and then carved it into a pine 2x4. I’ll take a picture of the finished product next time I am over there. But the machine ran at 15mm/sec and carved nearly .250" deep. Didn’t miss a beat. Speed control set at 60-75%.

[attachment file=48380]

In the mean time I ran just the R in a scrap pine 2x4 with the 1/8" flat single flute. Cut it as a pocket, peel, .250" doc at 15mm/sec. Again absolutley no problem at all. Like butter. I apparently forgot to get a picture of this too.

Finally I decided to make a simple little sign of the Colt Firearms logo. Cut into a scrap 1x6 that my step Dad had ripped down. The logo is about 6" long. Cut with the 1/8" flat single flute, .125" doc, 15mm/sec, peel. Also added a .020" finish pass but it didn’t need it. Speed control at 50-60%. It did a great job. Bottom of the pocket is flat and smooth.

[attachment file=48381]
[attachment file=48382]

Next chance I get I will be trying some hardwood. Very curious to see how it does with Walnut since it is used for an inlay pocket in the cutting boards we make. I really want to get this figured out to get the CNC to help make some of our pockets or inlays or both to cut down on time.

Big thanks to Ryan for an awesome machine and to the community for all the knowledge. I used the search function a few times today.

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Johnny if everyone would do some test cuts in foam, then some pine. These forums would be full of people as excited as we are about it. I appreciate the pictures and the compliments! So many slap it together and ask why they keep breaking bits in aluminum…

Reading the posts like yours full of success really make my job awesome. I used my LowRider yesterday (while sick as a dog) and I still get the same feeling as you. I cut some foam to verify, then ripped through some StarBoard.

High five, for fun times at the machines!

Decided to get my first little from scratch project started on the machine. We need a replacement fishing rod holder at the property. The store bought one is OK, but you can’t really use all the rod spots. If you are able to get the poles in you have to take two out to get the one you want. So borrowing an idea from one of the fellow board members here I decided to draw up my own. Plan to head over to the shop tomorrow and get one cut out. Each segment should hold 6 rods easily and spaced far enough apart that they aren’t cluttered. They will be mounted vertically. Here is a snap shot of the bottom and top pieces. Bottom will have another board screwed to the bottom to hold it to the wall. The top will likely get screwed in 3 places between the hooks. Plan is to make 3 sections to hold 18 rods total. Incase we need the space.



There was another fishing rod holder in the forums a year or so ago. Was that yours too?