Yet Another Texas Build

No this is my first. I am using his idea though. I think it was David, but cant remember. He hung his from the ceiling in his garage. Mine are going verticle on the wall.

I did get a set cut out. And I have learned that the MPCNC does not like to cut at full bit width. I wanted to use my 1/4" flat end I had to try it out, its a 2 flute and it was not happy but it worked. I will be trying something else on the next set. I also have a 1/4" single flute on the way I want to try. But here is the first set. Need to rip a piece to go under the bottom piece to mount to the wall. The top piece I think I am going to just screw it directly to the wall as is. They still need to be wiped down, stained, and clear coated before they go up though. For another day.

[attachment file=48992]

I also snapped a picture of that sign I made on Thaksgiving. I used a piece of scrap treated pine 2x4 and spray pained it black. The paint soaked in to the grain and created a cool effect when sanding it back off. We decided to run with it and will mount it up like that.

[attachment file=48993]

Here is how I have been slotting with mine. These settings are for plastic but…

[attachment file=49007]

See how I do half depth cuts and slowly, then for the finishing pass it is full depth and faster cleaning up about .5mm. This makes the chips clear better, and the surface finish is pretty dang good. I have been doing a lot of cutting recently and need to update the tutorials I think. This is slightly harder to understand but much easier to implement once you understand roughing and finishing. Previously I had it two tool settings for the lcd end cap tutorial.

Oh whoops that is the wrong one, the current settings should say z depth 6mm for the first setting. that is an old setup.

[attachment file=49010]

Thanks for the settings Ryan. I will give those a go and see how she does. I certainly learned a bit this last go round. I am sure that will be the case for some time to come.

Yup, every time I learn something. I just got those settings and then changed them again. Roughing is now up to 10mm/s on that same tool and material. Each time the cuts are faster and the product is nicer.

It is a little odd my last job was quoted at 56min in estlcam but it only took 32min. That is a first!

Quick! Try to build a perpetual motion machine with those settings!

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Yup. Looks familiar :slight_smile:

So the holidays and life got a little in the way of any progress. This also gave me time to doubt my rod holder top mount. I have redesigned it to something simpler and stronger. Let me know what you guys think. It doesn’t look fancy by any means but I think it will get the job done with less chance of any rods falling out on accident. The holes in the top mount are now the same size as those on the base to hold the butt of the rods in place. And they are centered over each other. My thought here is this will cause the rods to want to fall away from the wall and in turn keep them seated in the holder. I’m sure I have over thought this to death for something that is so simple. Lol. Oh well. Its ultimately just a rod holder that will be mounted in a barn anyway.

HAHAHA, welcome to my world. Make something, second guess every decision made during the process.

Both are really similar, the new one is much more sturdy. How does it look full of Rods?

I don’t know yet. Will try to get one cut this weekend to see how it looks. Will use the left over pine I have before I commit to the design in the expensive oak I have decided to use.

I also hope to potentially add a z touch plate to the machine. Just need to get some wire and plug to connect it to the appropriate place on the mini rambo board. I need to look up again where the pin is located so I don’t get that wrong.

Yeah it would be awesome if we could turn off the Positive pin…I double check anytime I go near the endstop pins. I am not sure if they cause the same sort of problems as they did on the Ramps or if the UltiMachine team was able to protect those pins as well.