Your favourite woodworking channels on Youtube

The last thread about favourite channels was posted 6 years ago, so I’d like to start fresh. I am asking everyone to post their three favourite woodworking channels (does not have to be CNC, anything goes) and tell us in one or two sentences why you think they are great.

Celal Ünal:ÜnalCelalunal - He does great stuff with pallet wood and has some cool techniques to make stuff look fancy. He also has a few tips on inexpensive helpers for a table saw.

Pask Makes: - One of the classics, I’d say. He does some really cool stuff and explains really well, though I don’t really like the turn his channel took with the latest videos.

Dekay’s Crafts:김팀장크래프트 - My newest addition as of yesterday. Brilliant ideas, a lot of great storage solutions. I am definitely going to make one or two of those.


Matthias wooden machines to make wooden machines.
Marius Furniture and machines.
Paul Uses pallet wood to make big tools



Barry isn’t good at following the rules. That’s part of his charm.

I will add:

Not really woodworking, but his projects are epic. He has a plasma CNC and has excellent designs.

These projects are generally epic and approachable, somehow. They have a lot of fun.

He’s doing a renovation now, so it might be good to check the back catalogue. Some very fun stuff including 3D printing and CNC.

I also love Matthias, Marius, Frank Howarth, Pask makes (scrapeood challenge, it’s firewood! But some of the wood is good!).


Peter Follansbee is a master traditional woodworker who uses only hand tools -forest to furniture. He doesn’t even have lights in his shop!

This channel isn’t a single woodworker but it shows the technique and history of Japanese timber joinery. Some content is English dubbed. Absolutely fascinating craft.

I see Dekay was already mentioned so here’s another great South Korean woodworking channel. More use of hand tools that Dekay, Hammer Sound is a mix of traditional and modern techniques.


Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, any list of woodworkers on Youtube can’t be complete without Paul Sellers. Almost exclusively hand tools use, he’s is a living legend who is one of the best teachers in the craft.


Too many to choose from! Ohh, I didn’t post Kris Harbour’s channel, but I’m subbed to that too.

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First, already mentioned, but deserves a repeat nod, and with probably the best production quality you’ll find

Nick likes resin and is a bit crazy, but always entertaining

It’s tough to pick a 3rd, and trying to pick one that’s not mentioned already, I’ll toss in

And throwing one more in


I like Next Level Carpentry. The videos tend to be very detailed (and long) but he covers all steps and slips in really interesting and applicable real-world tips and tricks he uses in running his own 1-man professional wood working business.

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It does for me.

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With all of the above, no one has mentioned Stumpy Nubs - this is a channel I always recommend to folk starting out - it’s clear, basic instruction without the “Insta-Tube” vibe of many of the others.

And for more machine oriented stuff


Since everyone is breaking the rules …

Serious engineering stuff with some woodworking but not in the traditional sense.

And I want his workshop.

Like JSK and Dekay, does a lots of jigs and tools.