YouTube step by step: Lowrider2 AUS

Hi everyone, the MPCNC is such a cool project. I’ve decided to make a Lowrider2 step by step on my YouTube channel. From reading here it seems people are keen for more resources like this so hopefully I can contribute. Please check out part 1:


Oh dang! I have not watched it yet, super excited, I have seen a bunch of your videos…fingers crossed you don’t hate it!

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Yes! Great video, can’t wait for more. I can forget what it is like for a new person coming to this build. I think you put it into a cool perspective at least for me on what it is like to build one. Welcome to the crew.

This is great. I have enjoyed quite a few of your videos. I especially liked the list of octoprint plugins you posted about:

Let us know if you have questions. The first video was great. Very entertaining, and I think even entertaining if you don’t have a CNC machine, which is hard to do.

My path towards the Ryan’s MPCNC started when I first saw your videos on the Ender 3, it was awesome to see you produce an LR2 build. I hope Ryan appreciates some of the feedback in your Part 1 build :wink:

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Just saw the recently uploaded video as I was deciding how to get back to making a wood cutting CNC.
Low Rider is much easier than the Black Foot I investigated 5 years ago.
I am planning to 3d print a part to go to store to get pipe as you suggested to do.

I may do a 50% version as I did with my WIP of Phidias, LLC I currently have and will use for the Low Rider parts.
I uploaded pics in the MPCNC - Your Builds.

Thanks again for the inspiration.
The kitchen needs new cabinets !
Tired of the “temporary” plywood ones from table saw build 40 years ago.

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Agreed! I was super excited to see part 2 today. I don’t have a cnc just yet but am in preparation mode and this helps tremendously.

Loved the touch screen mod… I see an upgrade in my future.

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What I particularly liked about this video – aside from the awesome presentation – is that he built the machine AS DESIGNED first. Then he explained clearly WHY he moved on to the mods he made… and great mods they are IMO. Anybody from first-time builder to more advanced users can benefit from the instruction presented. Well done!

I’m also intrigued that he intends to use this as a big LASER machine… and anxious to see how he intends to use it. I have FoamRipper + laser… need ideas! :wink:

– David


Very cool. There are a lot of good tips and tricks. The velco wire loom is going in the cart immediately.

Looks like the resistor in the diagram plus some creality firmware got the best of him. The thermistor isn’t needed in Ryan’s firmware. Oh well.

Really excellent communication. This is a real win.

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Oh wow, I am actually currently sitting at the end of part 1, and waiting on a few other projects to complete so I can finish the remainder, and I must say, having a fellow Aussie explain it all with metric, etc, helped a quite a but, but what I loved was the explanation of the upgrades and auto squaring, something I was not even considering due to complexity until watching your videos.


The instructions Ryan put together were amazing and I never hit a problem, but this would be a nice addition to the instructions page I reckon Ryan, especially for the electronics section which I have always considered myself somewhat skilled at but honestly the task still haunts me haha.



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