Z aint got no torque

Board : Rambo 1.4

Firmware: duel endstop firmware

just changed my firmware to the duel endstop, my X and Y axis are fine, Z axis on both sides can be stopped from turning just by hand. didnt have any problems on the old firmware. when i jog Z i just clicks like the stepper is slipping. Only setting differences i can see on the lcd are the steps per mm all others are 100, Z is set to 400. in the firmware it looks like all the current settings for all of the steppers are 120,

It looks like you are using both Z ports on the Rambo. This means they are effectively parallel, which cuts the current (and torque) in half. As you have them currently wired, they aren’t being driven independently, so you might as well wire them in series.

I’m not familiar with dual endstops on the Lowrider, if it’s only for Y or for both Y and Z. If you have Y2 and Z2 (using E0 and E1) then you might have to edit the firmware to account for this properly.

looking at the firmware that was teh modded one for duel endstops I am not seeing how i can change the X2 pins to controll Z2 if that is my “current” problem. Moving the stepper over attaches it to X Axis anyone know what pins i need to change in pins_#####.h or if it is needed?

i have it hooked up just like the photo in the Dual endstop instructions.

Its in configuration_adv.h Disable dual X and enable dual Z.

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Soo edited the firmware remover the dual x enabled the dual z. now it feels like this thing could lift a truck. Thanks everyone. Now i just need to see it i can get the z endstops to level out the Z and have a touch plate or am i just stuck hard leveling with the bumpers then work leveling with the touch plate