Z-Axis Assembly Question

Nothing too crazy here but I just wanted to know if I am doing something wrong or if its possibly a typo.
I am on the first step of the assembly of the z-axis

z-assembly instruction

For the life of me I can not get a 3/4" bolt to reach through the mount and bite on the nuts (that sounds terrible). I would have no problem getting a 1" bolt to work through there but 3/4" seems too short to make it through and catch thread. Has anyone else successfully done this with a 3/4" or is something wrong with my prints/emt/user-error?

I will stop by the hardware store and grab some 1" to complete this step of assembly but is this just me or is 1" bolts required here?

Thanks for your time.

I used 3/4" if I am remembering right I flipped the nuts around so the small end was in the hole. Why fight with it though just get 1" screws if it’s not working.

Your conduit might just be thick walled or the nuts aren’t seated all the way. 1" will work fine though, no big deal.

No worries. I was going to snag 1"while out today. I just had limited time to work on my build (lunch breaks). Figured it was an issue with walls of conduit if anything.

I’m excited to see it taking shape!
Thanks again Ryan!