Z axis binding

z axis binding, a light pressure from the top will bind it if its not already bound, if i push up lightly from the bottom it will go up with out a problem, no problems going down though. fresh build, all parts ordered from the shop. Rambo 1.4, dualend stop. It is currently outdoors in carport, weather just decided to get stupid cold for here, 20/30F. don’t know if that could be the problem but didn’t figure it would be

Does it move smoothly by hand? Is the leadscrew greased? Have you checked the wiring is solid?

It really shouldn’t have trouble going down. The weight of the router should be helping it a lot.

Was testing without the router on it, greased and wiring is solid, I have to take it apart anyways in the morning as I apparently put the Brass nut on the wrong side, so hopefully that fixes it.

Did that do it?


It did! also used some lithium grease I had on a shelf and it also helped out a lot, practically slid itself into place

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