Z axis binding

Finally I’m cutting. Sort of. I can run the code and the machine will cut. But during my cut the z axis binds up and then will run into the walls of my cut because the cnc must assume it’s brought the bit to clearence plane.
I can go into repetier and manually move the z up and down and every once in a while it binds… When it binds I go and try to move the rod by hand and its definately tight. It seems as if the shaft on the motor and the threaded rod don’t quite line up. In fact if I were to take the z motor off with the coupler and go to put it back on, I kinda gotta muscle it a bit to bring it over the z axis pipes. Threaded rod isn’t bent. Any thoughts?

what version of the machine are you using, where did you get the parts, what software, what speeds, ect.

Best to answer the questions in the sticky, include a picture, and gcode zipped up for us to look at.

I printed the parts myself and sourced the rest from amazon or Home depot. Everything that was recommended (exact steppers as recommended).

I’m using the C-23.5mm version.

Not sure how to photograph this issue.

I’mean using vicious’s “left” gcode. Cutting into a piece of cabinet ply that was thickness sanded to 11.5mm.

Driver voltage is at .7 for z axis stepper.

The picture tells me what version of the machine you are using, how old the parts are.

You got it all yourself, what firmware? did you lube the z threaded rod? is your gantry square?

I lubed the threaded rod with all purpose automotive grease.

B16_32-LCD-112515 firmware.

The gantry seems to be as square as I can get it.

Please update your firmware to rc7, the zaxis values have been much improved.

The lower z motor mount should be pushing up against the coupler to relieve strain on the steppers and preventing some backlash. Automotive grease might be too thick. no need to take it apart but, next time try something thinner like white lithium or silicone

Is there any reason that the z axis pipes would be moving in a manner that isn’t parallel to the threaded rod? Because that seems to be what’s happening. If I were to loosen the nut that holds the threaded rod in the pineapple and then remove the top z motor mount with the coupler attached and go to put it back on, the pipes don’t exactly line up with the z top Mount. I have to pull it forward in the direction of the router to put it onto the pipes.

Do all your parts have the same letter on them?

You just found your issue, if your parts do not line up something is wrong.