Z axis cable management in larger builds

I increased my build from the 30x30 to 4’ x 4’. After doing this I noticed that my z axis cables (stepper and mill) are now interfering with the gantry. It looks like some people have put installed a channel across either the X or Y axis to keep the cabling out of the way. Is this the only solution or are there any other methods of keeping these cables out of the way?

A bungee cord suspended from the ceiling also works well, though you might need to extend the cables. I did the angle aluminum and chain thing on mine, but find that I need to better mount the angle, which means redesigned mounts…

I’m in the “hang it from the ceiling” group. Using CAT-5 for the stepper wires and an extension cord for the router/spindle. I bungied the cables to the shop vac hose. This is one of the smaller diameter car hoses.

Man, I wish my table was still that clean!!

Thank you for the suggestions. I implemented the bungee cord idea and it seems to work well. Needs little adjustment but should be perfect after that.