Z axis catching while running

So i just finally finished the new center parts, and I am getting some catching on the z axis. I have been looking for solutions and nothing works, and I for the life of me don’t understand. The machine will be working fine in manual control, but then, when it is doing a print job, the z axis will not work at all. all i get is this noise( i attached a sound file). I have no idea. any help is appreciated.
I am using a 23.5mm machine with all pla printed parts.

try to lube the z threaded rod? might be just enough binding that it’s slipping or skipping… odd… mine made a similar noise during big manual control moves until I lubed it a bit.

What speed do you have Z-moves set to? Max if you bought it from here is 8.7mm/s.

I’m not sure if that z feed rate was in repetier or in marlin, but I have gone over all the settings in the tutorials and made sure to reset marlin to only the files that you provided and it still doesn’t work.

Are you using the hardware and electronics from here, if not what are you using?

What is your slic3r z feedrate set at in repetier, or whatever slicer you are using?

I am using all your components, and I am using estlcam. just to clarify, i was doing the crown as a drawing, i wasn’t printing anything.

What are you using as your rapid feed rate, cut feed rate, plunge rate, and did you check the box to put a feed rate in every line.

you probably can tell I am a bit of a noob, but where is the feed rate in estlcam?

i found the plunge feedrate in the tools list is that what you mean?
it is set to 20mm

max is 8.7mm/s

it didn’t work :frowning:

im gonna try just a normal print and see how that goes

yeah same thing happens with printing on repetier

Lets see some pictures, Maybe it’s not put together right.

Did you try the z axis torture test?

The part that isn’t making sense is manual moves are generally faster than print and milling moves. If you can move it fine manually it points to bad gcaode.

You could also double check the voltage of the zaxis pot. Make sure it is between 4.7V-.7V. you can turn it up a bit but no higher than .7V.

Make sure the whole z axis moves smooth buy hand to make sure there is no binding on the screw.

yeah so I did the torture test, I messed with the settings, and I messed with the potentiometer on the driver. now i have the drawing job working, and the problem now occurs on manual control, also, it is only on changes of 10mm, not 1 or 0.1. If this is also not an easy fix, don’t worry about it. I can live without perfect manual control.

What is the voltage of the pot? Too high is worse than too low, you have to set it with a meter.

Is the travel smooth the whole way by hand? I think the whole problem is this is not moving as smooth as it should. Is your allthread lock centered in the hole?

the travel is completely smooth, and i have tested it a bunch with the new settings and it is still catching, now its on both manual and jobs, and it doesn’t make any sense. I have no idea what it could be. and the lock is centered in the hole

You used some lube on the threaded rod? And verified it’s straightness I assume?