Z-axis confusion

So, I’m trying to put together the Z axis from the kit. There are 3 nuts, a longer but smaller diameter nut, a spring, and a plastic adjustment wheel. How in the world does all this go together? I’ve been searching for almost an hour trying to find a picture or something. I know how it works. I’m just not sure how the spring and adjustment wheel come into play.


Did you see this?


( www.v1engineering.com/assembly/z-axis/)

Starting from the top to bottom, The top is fastened to the rigid coupler, passes through the bearing in the Z Mount. Next you have the plastic adjustment wheel over two nuts tightened (locked) together. At the bottom you will have the coupler nut, spring, then regular nut.

The plastic adjustment knob is to make it easier to turn the Z Axis by hand for adjusting the height up or down. The coupler nut, spring and nut will all be under the Z Nut Lock.

Hope this helps.


From the assembly instructions:
Thread on the coupler nut, spring, then regular nut. Put slight tension on the spring, you should feel very little extra friction. Push the whole assembly into the nut lock.

“whole assembly into the nut lock” When I push the coupler nut with the spring it goes in only 16mm, the coupler nut is 24 mm lång.
How could it fit when the “whole assembly into the nut lock” is about 24+spring 5mm+ nut 5mm?
Sorry but I do not understand this.
Please advice. Regards Goran Sweden

We use a 3/4" coupler nut, you have a 1". Just skip the spring and small nut. I have 1 machine running this way and have noticed no difference yet.

Ok, but the problem is the 13mm (outside) coupler I have only goes in 15 mm in to the “Z Nut Lock” because then it gets smaller and smaller inside.
I thougt it should go all the way in.
The Z Nut Lock is 13 mm for the first 15 mm then it reduced to 11mm and 3rd it is 9mm. I assumed it should be 13mm all the way exept form the last stop.
Do I have the wrong STL file.
I used it from the IE folder where I used for all other parts which all fit nicely.

Yup use the 13mm version

The picture I attached is the 13mm version and you can see the steps i diameters inside which stop the 13mm coupler nut at 15mm in.
I also attached the STL file before slicing.

It is designed that way. The small nut is supposed to float and not spin. It doesn’t matter for you your coupler nut is too long to use that. The lock will still work. https://www.v1engineering.com/z-nut-lock/

OK, Thanks for your fast support,