Z axis got loose!

Hey Berry !

brush pens are indeed super nice, ive been trying to work with them with the principal of a V-bit method, since they do have somwhat the same shape, but i found brushes are very hard to control. they are only fun in more free style :smiley:

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this was done using acrylic paint and a brush

Outstanding stuff! (Just saw Ryan’s post on the homepage…wondering how I missed this until now!)

As for a brush…have you heard of a “fude nib” pen? I recently discovered them and have been having a bunch of fun doodling with one. They look like a fountain pen that was dropped on the ground - but the tip is bent like that on purpose so it can get brush like line variations (they were originally developed for Japanese calligraphy which is traditionally done with a brush.)

I have a <$10 Hero 9018 which is a fountain pen - but there are also felt/hair versions that may be easier to work with in a machine. With the fountain pen you’d have to come up with a way to adjust the angle of the pen to change the line - with the felt/hair versions simple z changes should work.

Basically it would give you a brush like instrument that self-feeds ink so you don’t have to keep dipping it and should get a more consistent result.

Hey Jason , thanks for the tip ! looks like it might work out well

You sir are amazing. I love seeing other amazing uses for the mpcnc. Keep up the great work bud. Keep the pictures coming. I am blown away at your results.