Z axis Grinding sound

Hi everyone

I finished building my MPCNC Bought the Mini Rambo 1.3 and LCD on AMAZON since V1 was out of stock a few weeks back

So I connect everything with wires bought from V1. flashed the board with the marlin version from V1

And to my surprise I have a grinding sound on the Z axis. X and Y work well with the same settings. I tried everything I read about checking the wires , changing to a new motor. I swapped the wiring and motor from the X axis with no change. Still grinds on the Z even when the motor runs free.

It all points to the board…. or some mystery setting in Marlin (I’m stuck here)

Anybody have Ideas

I joined my Marlin files as attachements and pics of my motor and LCD (which turn’s on but nothing appears on it)

Need help


could’t upload the settings files so I’m giving it another try

I’ll try a .PDF

You have a fake mini rambo, I am not sure what is different about them but they currently do not work with my firmware. when someone figures it out that owns on I will post settings somewhere.

Darn can it be used for anything else ?


I know someone got one working but I can’t find the thread now. It might be as simple as swapping wires on the funky axis (Bill suggested this in another thread).