Z-Axis Independent Dust Shoe for Makita RT0700 RT0701

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3852824

This is a MPCNC Z-axis independent dust shoe for Makita RT0700 RT0701 routers. The dust shoe is mounted on the gantry independent of z-axis, so it doesn’t move. You just level it with the workpiece. Does not interfere with the z-axis so you get best accuracy. I’ve modified the J3J3’s gantry mount so it could fit on latest MPCNC “Burly”.

Also this shoe is designed to be close fit to the Makita router, so it blocks all the air blown from the router and separates from the vacuum suction. You can also CNC mill an acrylic or PC sheet of the lid so you can see though the dust shoe and see the cuts. I’ve included the DXF fiile for that.

Many people seem to use import brushes, or even cut it from other brushes. But why not print one? I’ve also created brush models you can print. Glue them with E6000 flexible glue. CA glue seems to make them too brittle.

Print every part. “Pipe Holder Main Clamp” part needs support. Every other parts require no supports. The brush model needs 9 of them. You just need three M4 bolts and nuts.

I’ve included 3mf files if you use Prusa Slicer.

Note: I’m using Optimized Makita RT0701C Mount for MPCNC:


I like it!

Nice! I really like your design.
Since I’m still very inexperienced when it comes to CNC, I really want to be able to look at my cuts, so I especially like your idea of using an acrylic/PC sheet.
That’s definitely going on my todo list.

I am going to try it out. Confused on the Lid_Bottom. Is it glued to the main body or printed with it? One of the pictures looks like it was printed together.