Z axis limit connection

Hi all, this is my first post here, looking for help.
Already asemble the Primo , and tested cutting some light ply parts with good results.
Also added 3 endstops and got it homing.
But last week , after a power supply cutoff… did not move again.

To make it short, new Uno Arduino, shield and drivers, …version 1.1.h uploaded, …
All moves, unless I plug the Z endstop.
Originally plugs in the SpinEn pins, tested also on Z pins … and both return an error .

Without that conection, all rest moves and can cut ,. But no Z limit prtection nor homing working.

Any clue what can changed, look for, or what to do ???

Thanks in advance…

Assuming you’ve got a V3.00 of the CNC shield, Z endstops will be on the SpindleEnable pin. For troubleshooting, you’re going to want a program that lets you send commands to the controller through a terminal - something like Repetier Host (not Server) or Pronterface or cncjs (fom V1pi). What does the output of the ? command show you in the terminal? My Arduino/CNC Shield 3.00 setup is very sensitive to noise on the end stop connections, so I added small ceramic capacitors across the signal and ground lines on all 3 end stop connections.

Thanks for your input…first test with small ceramic capacitor just on the shield board side looks promising !! .
Tomorrow will add the other 2, and keep testing.
Thanks again.

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