z axis making terrible sound

When my z axis executes a g01 move it seems happy. however about half way through part it the cam will execute a g0 rapid and the machine makes a terrible grinding noise and the z does not move. then it will proceed as normal. I know it isnt the limit of the z limit because Ive double checked using hand jog. how do i change the g0 rapid speed in repertier? or would this be done in estl cam?

I ran it again just as I did the first time and it fixed itself. not sure what went wrong yet because it was never consistent but does anyone know how to change rapid on this machine? might be good to know

If you are printing it is in the gcode so it is a slicer setting, if you are jogging it around it is a repetier setting.

please check new topic “estlcam z movement problem” in software