Z Axis motor seems to be getting extremely hot.

my Z Axis motor seems to be getting extremely hot. i noticed it because i could smell it. it was hot to the touch. if feels smooth and not binding when i manually move the z up or down, wires all look good? its just 3d printing and not milling so not a lot of load on it. Any suggestions on what could be causing it so i can start trying to fix it before burning the motor up.,

Are you using the parts from this site? What is the Z driver voltage as measured from the pot to the ground? Should be about .42v if you are using my parts.

i am, i lowered all the voltage back down, they were closer to .8v. i will run another test, make sure nothing is skipping, and see how the temps go from there. this entire kit is from you, and so far, i am loving it. just getting it all dialed in slowly. lol

Did you change them? I ship all the boards ready to run. X and Y drivers should be set to .7v, Z should be .42v.