z axis movement

Anyone know why i have to reset the Rambo board everytime i make a z axis move down? It seems to do well when cutting, but when i am trying to get my machine set up in the 'home" position, everytime i tell Repetier to move the z axis down it will only complete one command, i then have to reset my rambo before i can tell it to go down again. Thanks in advance!

What firmware are you using, do you have an endstop on it, sounds like it?

no endstops, and the firmware is what you flashed.

I don’t know what I flashed, I have a bunch of firmware that comes pre-loaded. Did you order a series or dual endstop kit?


When you give it the M119 command what is the response.

i will have to try that when i get home this evening.

this is what i get when i enter that command. the board still only lets me move one z command down at a time then i have to press reset button. i can go up all day long though. any thoughts?


i can move it using the lcd though. not sure what’s going on with repetier.

un-install / reinstall repetier host, or look through all the options for something you changed.


Try changing printer type to cnc router.

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