Z-Axis moves just 2mm instead of 10


my MPCNC is working, i`ve had the crown beeing plotted, but when i move Z-axis in the LCD Menu it just moves 2mm instead of 10.

I guess i need to adjust steps/mm for the Z-Axis but not shure how to do it.

You have to edit the steps per mm in the firmware, config.h, and reflash.

Do you know the steps number to put in? I have a t8 leadscrew and dvr8825 stepper driver with 32 microstepping on a mks gen v1.4 board.

Five times whatever number is currently there. I suspect your T8 is not the same as the T8 (4 start) we are using as that is a very odd number.

And I expect it really moved 2.5mm instead of 2mm.

Could have been 2.5mm due to measurement inaccuracies ;).Got it fixed now.

Hi Thorsten, I have exactly the same problem as you with a RAMPS 1.4 card. Have you solved your problem?