Z axis or Software Problem HELP!!

Ok, so I have been trying to pocket some letters in the same depths. I’m using Estlcam. But the problem is the first pocket is fine and it seems as the router doesn’t go back to its zero. So each pocket it goes down a bit deeper like 1/16. So just trying to get some ideas of whats the problem. The only thing I can think possible a firmware issue or something with the clearance plane on estlcam. Which I have set at .079 in = 2mm

Is the machine level to the machine?

How far off are we talking here?

What is the z speeds and z rapids you have set?

Did you buy everything from here, if not what are you running?

yes the machine is level with the bed. I have ran other project of just doing an out like of it and it works fine. I am using an arduino and ramps board from amazon on this machine. But this is my second machine and I have a board and ramps I bought from you for my first machine and I tried it with this and its doing the same thing. I updated my Estlcam so I’m thinking Its something in there. But the depths is like moving 1/16" each time. speed is 480 mm and the rapid is like .4 volts I think.
Whats happening is the zero is getting messed up each time because when it finishes the zero is lower than what its supposed to be.

I had a similar issue when I first built my machine. Lower you Z rapid move speed in Estlcam and apply some grease (I used white lithium grease) to the threaded rod and run it up and down a couple of times. What I had was a combination of too rapid Z moves and some slight binding of the threaded rod. It would cause the stepper to lose steps on the tool lift, so it would think it was back at Z0, when it was actually still somewhat lower. Result was the next cut going too deep. Once I made these changes, it has been smooth sailing with consistent Z movements.

Where is “Z rapid move speed” in Estlcam? Is it the F(down arrow) in the tool list?

5th picture down.

See I believe I have all the right settings, but im going to try and lube everything up again because I did that all once already. I think I’m just going to have to slow down my z axis and see if that works.

I had a problem with what I thought was my machine being 3mm higher after running a 17 minute job. Turned out my bit had come loose. I apparently did not have it tightened down enough.

See I’m not having a problem with it being to high but mine is going to deep. Like my first pocket is completely fine but the next gets a little deeper and then the next one deeper and keeps doing that and once its done it moves back to the origin and the origins x and y is perfect but the z is to low.

If it ends at the correct height it is just a CAM/gcode issue.

If it does not end at the correct height Then I would first suspect the z axis acceleration/rapids/speeds. Have you compared them to my estlcam basic settings page?

Yeah your z plunge speed show above is too high. If I did the conversion correctly you are above 10mm/sec which is above the processors capacity of steps per min and way above the steppers rpm torque fall off curve. try something like 3-4mm/sec first.

Ok so yes I slowed down my z to 4mm/s and x and y to 15 mm/s. And I ran a new program through cnc and its still pocketing lower and lower. Some how the z zero is still getting reset. Because when its finished its lower than where I started. Each letter goes down a bit further so Some how the zero is getting reset and I don’t know where this is happening because I can look at the file and its all right and its just the z and the voltage on it is .41 volts or whatever its supposed to be

Z voltage for what steppers and drivers? The stuff I sell and use needs .7V.

The z isn’t resetting it is much more likely it is not picking up all the way.

Can you answer the questions in the sticky, It really helps speed along this process, and what spindle are you using? Does the z axis move very smooth by hand, the entire range? This is the most common issue, it is either CAM settings or a non smooth travel. Unless you didn;t buy it from here and then we have all sorts of things to check.