Z-Axis size help

Hi, in the calculator the minimum height is (70mm) and shows conduit size of 64mm.

I download the newest version of the MPCNC with the new foot, after mount the first base leg I felt like is too short, can you please confirm if it will work with this size?



I’m not sure what you are asking. Is the leg piece too short or are you not getting 70mm of movement?

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I think I understand a bit the OP’s concern, but there’s not a very clear answer. It depends a lot of what tools finally are mounted and how.

My first build, which I kept pretty short, but not as short as yours, I have to modify as the T8 goes through the floor.

My other build which is running more or less, lost quite a bit of mm just the way the router was fixed. I guess this will be further reduced when I change to ER11 collet.

I’m thinking already, depending on the job, to have parts ready to interchange.

Longer tubes for the legs would be the easiest, I’m thinking already about a complete Z-axis replacement in different lengths.

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Hi, That is what I cut 6.4cm but after I set the foot and the bottom corner, I wonder if this is not too short? Did someone already made a short leg like this?

My MPCNC is not completed yet, I am just finishing printing, I was looking at the web and did not find any MPCNC with legs short like this.

In your experience would I proceed or maybe a good idea to increase the length?

I attached the pic for the calculation and the actual size of the foot with a roller for you to get an idea.

Guys thank you very much for your replies.



From the appearance, this one is not much taller (pretty small gap between foot and “lock_corner”):

Shown on the main page here: https://www.v1engineering.com/specifications/

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I’ve seen builds where you can’t even see the tubes between the corner pieces and the feet!

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As long as you can get whatever you’re going to be milling under the endmill, it should be alright. Mine are longer, but I have a wasteboard on top of my table.

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Thanks to everyone, I will try with this otherwise I cut other batch.


my x axis only goes down I am using a ramps board and all is wired right acording to instruction. but weather i go to a positive or a negitive number on the z it goes down.x and y work great. can anyone help with some sugestions im thinking it must be firm ware

Hi Bert it would be best if you started a new thread, include pictures of your board all wired up and a link to the exact firmware you are using.