Z axis stepper any problem for this kind of move?

any problem for this kind of move ? And z axis sonund

Skr v1.3
Vertex nema17 motor

Video link belove


Thanks for advices

The moves look ok. your touch screen gives the occasional double entry, try touching it a bit firmer. The different noise of the Z stepper will be down to a different steps per mm setting and is nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for advices. But touch screen firmware is problem. Can i use standart 3d printer firmware for tft35 ? Prontorface is working great.

Mks tft35 firmware on skr tft35 ?

It isn’t mks, it is from btt. You can use the standard firmware, but the screen is resistive touch, so it needs a real push, not a light touch like your phone. It will be easier if you put it into a case.

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Yes i have tried but no change in z axis motor sound and behaviour. Maybe it is not a problem but i am leraning too much things.
I have flashed your files v2 ones that you have published 3 days ago on git hub

Also trying your skr pro firmware edited to adapt it skr v1.3 tmc2209

I believe he has there mks tft screen not btt tft screen. Mks does not have button, btt has button.
If this is correct, than you can use mks screen on btt pro board? I like mks tft70…

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tft is btt tft35 v2.0 . tft firmware is not the problem now on. trying to adapt skr pro mpcnc firmware to skr v1.3 :slight_smile:

I have compile it but tmc2209 not working properly

I have tried every thing.

No change

Tried different firmware to compile works

You can try the new MarlinBuilder releases we are working on. I do not know if these are configured correctly, but I do have some builds for skr 1.3 (Skr1p3) and 2209s. You can download the zip and look at the configs, and there should be a bin file in there, which you can rename to firmware.bin and put on the SD card:

I don’t have instructions yet. If you see something wrong on the config, let me know. Let me know how it goes either way.

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I will share my experiences thanks

Thans so much.

could you please explain dual LR
dual means?

Dual lr is dual Y and Dual Z, not Dual XY. I know there are some endstop settings I need to adjust still.

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tmc not activating they are working in standalone mode. noise is telling me that :slight_smile

what is wrong with tmc ?

when i flash different firmware they are working correctly

could you please check tmc section or related issues pins etc?

What does M122 say?

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it says everthing ok

but noise is alot , also i have enabled STEALTHCHOP

listen and watch video motrs sonud not ok. i think it cannot change current ? uart is not working in this firmware ?

i have reflashed another one it is ok no sound :slight_smile:

your skr 1p3 firmware working video;


another one working video;


marlin config files;