Z axis tension adjustment

Did I miss the part in the assembly instructions about tightening the z axis? I see how it says to tighten bolt c or b etc… But where are they labeled? I have a lot of slip in my z and would love to get rid of it easily :). Thanks.


The bolt that has plastic on both sides of the bearing controls the tension for that corresponding rail. Like it is pinching it.

The bolts descriptions are in bold font in the picture that labels them.

This would be bolt A.

I am sorry but this is not always easy. For some people they struggle to get it square. In that case as it says at the end, just use it for a while to break it in, then try again. For others it goes together first try.

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Thanks Ryan. It being tough is fine, and me missing the description section is my bad. I’ve got about 40 hours on this thing now, and it’s … ok. I’m not happy with the z right now but I still consider this shake out, and recognize this is NOT some commercially run CNC design that’s been hammered smooth through millions of hours of use and such. It’s a great design. It’s horrribly economical and it’s been a blast putting it together. Thanks.