Z axis tilted

After some degradation in cut quality recently I tightened down all my bearings (there was at least one bearing on most parts that was rolling freely) and replaced the crappy set screws in my pulleys that apparently were allowing them to jostle loose over the course of a cut. Things are mostly better now, except that the Z axis is no longer perpendicular. I can loosen the Z axis to make it perpendicular, but then it’s loose. Any thoughts? I was considering measuring the angle and modifying the Z mount to sit at the negation of that angle, but that seems like a pretty crappy fix.

It really is best to just take the whole center assembly off and kind of start again. Take it apart put it back together as loose as possible and keep all axis square as you go, with all the tubes in place.

Bummer… Not what I was hoping to hear. Well I’m planning to take it apart for some heavy modifications anyway, so I guess it’s as good a time as any.