Z axis trouble


I’m New user from Italy.
I’ve build a lowrider CNC following your forum.
I’ve already made some Little projects.
Now I’m searching to solve some problems.
The biggest One Is on Z axis. The right Z motor have too low Power when the x axis Is on that side.
I must help It with hand to rise.

Unfortunally i cannot insert YouTube link.

Thank u

After a very short time on the forum, you will be able to include links. Until then, you can include a link to a YouTube video that is modified slightly, and we can edit the link to view the file.

The most common reason I see on the forum for underpowered Z is a wiring issue where the two Z sockets are used on the Rambo boards instead using one of the extruder socket for Z2. Binding on the Z axis is also a somewhat common cause of under powered Z. Can you provide more information about your setup…what control board you are using, what kind of wiring (serial/series or dual endstop), picture of the wiring at the control board, etc.?


If it is not the wiring, which is the most common, it usually comes down to binding from backwards xz mains part or tight leadscrew nut.

Thank you for your replies…
I try to insert the link to my video.

youtu be/3qgXVnRpJ5k

My setup: table dimensions 2500x1250
control board: ramps (bought on amazon)
firmware installed: [V1ZXY_Ramps-]

no endstop

I’ve made all the wiring following the guide on this site.
Z motors connected on the same connector on the board.
I’ve used this wiring
www v1engineering com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IMG_20151022_112457.jpg

Actually I’ve tried with:

  • change the strength of the screws
  • check the perpendicularity of the pipes
  • loosen the bearing screws

I would like to test the current with a voltmeter during the moving of the z axis, but I don’t know what pins I must check togheter.
I’ve read in the forum someone have replaced the power supply with a stronger one.
Actually I’m using a 12V 6A power supply…

for the link I’ve removed the dot from the addresses :slight_smile:

Thank u very much for your help

This firmware is for the ZenXY not the lowrider.