Z axis verticalitty


I have a problem: the Z-tower is rotated about 0,68 deg arround the X axis. With a single point tool, I think there’s no problem, but I«m building a jig bellow the tower, with 500mm long.

With that inclination and length there’s a 6mm difference to the table between to two extremes of the jig.

That misalignment is constant when moving the 3 axis witch is not so bad.

Any suggestions?


You need to loosen up the center parts and watch things as you snug it up. You should be able to get it right. Make sure your z axis is tightened up, and parallel like the instructions say. Then try the center assembly.

OK, tks Vicious, i’ll try. Should also install the universal tool mount to help? Poor nylocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, without the Z motor mount, is possible to move a little the Z pipes from each other. But, at bottom remains the same inclination.

The yellow piece holes have 71mm between centers (right?). Is a 76h and 400g print :smiley:


What version are you using, pretty sure it is not 71mm.

IE edition from 5/25/2016. I tried measure the STL file of the motor mount :(. Can y confirm pls V?

(OMG another 76h hour print on the way…)

Never mind you should be fine it’s 71.074. you are definitely close enough.

Lucky day. Tks!!